Builders Club brings on Easter baskets


Eighth graders Faith Walsh, Brooke Kalmanson, Maiori Butz and Katie Alvarez make Easter baskets to donate through the Hoppy Easter fundraiser run by Builders Club.

Izzy Rojo-Ehrenreich, Intro writer

   Many years ago, when math teacher and Builders Club sponsor Lynn Wilbur delivered donated  Easter baskets to Coalition for the Homeless, she remembers watching kids run up to the fence in excitement. 

   “They’re looking and the moms are like going, ‘I want that basket and stuff like that.’ So it’s very rewarding,” Wilbur said. 

   She has continued this tradition for the past 21 years as a part of Hoppy Easter, an event that Builders Club does every spring to provide 250-300 baskets of stuffed animals, coloring books, toothbrushes, and other items to young kids. For the event, middle school students work together in their advisories to bring things in from a planned-out list. 

   “They were just overwhelmed. They just thought that was so great,” Wilbur said.

   Eighth grader and Vice President of Builders Club Mila Taylor enjoys Hoppy Easter because she knows the work goes to a good cause. Taylor said she enjoys the fact that everyone, not just those in Builders Club, helps with the drive through their advisories.

   “[We have] a good time making these baskets and just knowing that we’re helping people and making their days brighter,” Taylor said. 

   In 2001, 6th grader Courtney Walmer decided to bring the idea of Hoppy Easter to Mrs. Wilbur and suggested that Builders Club take on the project of making Easter baskets for children at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital and The Ronald McDonald House. That year Courtney and the Builders Club made 100 baskets for the children. When Warber was in eighth grade she was president of Builders Club and they made 500 baskets and Wilbur said that was too much she liked all of the donations but she just thinks that 500 was a little overboard.

   “I was totally stressed out. It was just crazy. So we’ve been doing it ever since then” Wilbur said.

   When the pandemic hit in 2020, Builder’s Club had to make some adjustments to this event because the hospital wouldn’t allow them to come inside. Then in 2021, they had to use precautions like using gloves and wearing a mask, and restrict the number of people making each basket. This year they are now able to start making 250-300 baskets again sense they don’t have to take many precautions.

   “But now we’re back to full steam,” Wilbur said.