Forensic Files II: New Narrators and Controversy


Courtesy of CNN


If you have been eagerly waiting for new episodes and you are a fan of Forensic Files, then you’ll love Forensic Files II. Forensic Files has always been a staple in crime shows, dating back to the 1990s when it was originally made, but now there are new episodes with all-new stories and more nail-biting cases. But there are some new changes to the show that have caused some controversy among fans. 

The first episode of Forensic Files II aired on February 23 on HLN. One noticeable change is that Forensic Files’ beloved narrator Peter Thomas passed away in 2016 and was replaced by Bill Camp. I personally think Thomas was a much better narrator. While Camp is definitely a great narrator, there was something about Thomas’ voice that was perfect for the show.

The new episodes are that there are brand new cases that are as nailbiting as usual. The show is also in a lot better quality and the picture is a lot more clear than the original, which was filmed from 1996-2011. While the picture is better now, I feel like sometimes it’s almost easier to solve the cases due to all the new technology, when back then they had less technology. I liked it better to see them basically struggle at times to solve cases because they didn’t have as much forensic technology as they do today. 

Despite dated technology, the original is still better. Without the recent advancements in technology, the detectives needed much more creative roles and it was very interesting to see the process they went through to solve the case. 

“Exceptional results arrive only when exceptional people put in exceptional effort. It never arises by accident or good fortune,” said former narrator Peter Thomas. It’s not accident, good fortune, or advancements in technology, but exceptional detectives, amazing forensic scientists, and helpful evidence to get the job done.