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“Captain Marvel’ flies into cinematic history

Captain Marvel flies into cinematic history
Courtesy of Captain Marvel’s official website.

   Captain Marvel, the newest installment to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is the first to feature a female superhero as its lead. While introducing a new character into an already crowded film series (the MCU has 21 films so far), Captain Marvel does a great job of explaining the complicated story of Carol Danvers, played by Brie Larson, yet also tying her to the future of the franchise.

   The setting of the film shifts from the cosmos to earth in the 1990s, which is filled with moments of nostalgia, such as a blockbuster in the first scene on earth. The scenes in outer space are filled with incredible graphics and high-flying action, as color explodes from the screen. The scenes on earth appear gritty and downplayed compared to the cosmic spectacles, but are still fantastic nevertheless.

   What makes Captain Marvel stand out from other films that are a part of the MCU is the focus on the female lead. Prior to Brie Larson, no actress has ever been the focus of an MCU film, with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) the only other female superheroes introduced before Captain Marvel. It’s a response to DC comics release of Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, which smashed box office records. Both movies are a monumental step forward in the world of superhero film.

   While Brie Larson is terrific in the Role of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel, the supporting cast around her is equally strong. Samuel L Jackson appears as a younger Nick Fury, a character he has played many times before. The CGI used to make Jackson appear younger looks as if it is not there at all it is so well done and Jackson does an excellent job (as usual) playing the SHIELD agent. Jude Law makes a terrific entrance into the MCU as the character Yon-Rogg, who begins the film as a mentor and friend to Carol Danvers, or Veers, as he calls her. The change that Law’s character undergoes during the film is fantastically played out, and to avoid spoilers I won’t write much about that change. Other actors and actresses in the film featured were Lashana Lynch, playing Danvers’ best friend on earth, Annette Bening, whose character was another mentor to Danvers’, and Lee Pace, playing a young Ronan the Accuser. The acting in Captain Marvel is superb from top to bottom and makes the movie even more enjoyable.

   Finally, the soundtrack of the film echoes that of previous MCU films like the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. It mixes in normal soundtracks that you one expect to hear in an action movie with 90s rock and roll. There is something almost poetic about watching Carol Danvers beat up bad guys while “Just a Girl” by No Doubt plays in the background. The culmination of all of these factors, and more, make Captain Marvel one of the most well rounded and diverse movies in the MCU to date and I highly recommend it.

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MICHAEL HULL, Managing Editor
Michael Hull is a senior and is entering his fourth and final year on staff. He has risen in the ranks from a lowly staff writer all the way to managing editor this year. When not answering questions from Matthew Halpin, he is the co-commissioner of his fantasy football league, which he has won three times. He also is a huge sports fan, specifically of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Contact at [email protected]

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