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Not-So-Scary Halloween

The alternatives to Halloween Horror Nights
Caden Liu

   As ninth grader Caitlin von Weller enters Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween, she sees the parade, with characters dressed up singing happily, and people trick or treating around the park. This attraction is something that von Weller looks forward to each year. While many students prefer attractions such as Halloween Horror Nights, the scare can be unappealing to certain demographics. But there are plenty of alternatives for students to explore. 

   The age recommendation at Halloween Horror Nights is at least thirteen years old. According to Universal, this attraction is for mature audiences and can get expensive. There are many different opportunities for people to enjoy the holiday if Halloween Horror Nights is not appealing. 

   Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween runs from August 11 to November 1. It attracts all audiences, where people can trick-or-treat, dress up, and visit characters. Disney promises a family friendly experience, there is nothing that will be ultimately scary. 

   “Whenever I go to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween, I love seeing everyone dress up as different characters and really go all out,” von Weller said. “I have been going since I was a kid, it is a great Halloween experience for people of all ages.”

   Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween is not the only Halloween activity to enjoy. Von Weller also enjoys going to the fall festival at Interlachen, in Winter Park. This fall activity occurs once a year, and she enjoys it because of the variety of activities the festival offers. 

   “The festival has everything from pumpkin pie to hay bale rides,” said von Weller. 

   The festival is for all ages, and there are plenty of things to do for everyone. Von Weller’s favorite activity is the corn maze. Despite the difficulties she has endured while trying to complete it, the corn maze is a popular activity to do, and is a staple of the festival.

   “I vividly remember going into the corn maze with my brother, who got lost, and I had already escaped,” von Weller said. “It took 45 minutes to find him again.”

   Gatorland also has a thrilling Halloween activity: Gators, Ghosts, and Goblins Experience. This is a family friendly event where you can see Gator exhibits and learn about the origins of this haunted holiday. 

   There are haunt-zones and meet and greets with different characters throughout the park. People can also dress up in costumes. When compared to Halloween Horror nights, Gatorland’s Halloween experience is mild, as there are no major jumpscares or scare zones.

   If you are a scare-seeker,  another option is the Petrified Forest in Altamonte Springs. The Petrified Forest is a very popular activity and offers an immersive experience. 

   “I like how realistic it is, compared to Halloween Horror Nights, it feels very real since you’re going through a real forest instead of houses,” said Earl. 

   The outside atmosphere of the forest makes everything seem more realistic. The scare actors are placed throughout the forest where they can jump out, scare you, or simply just stare as you walk through. This is a night activity that will be opening soon. The tickets range from 30-40 dollars. 

   There are many opportunities for people to participate in Halloween activities from the comfort of their own home. Carving pumpkins is a perfect activity to get into the spirit of Halloween, and sophomore Elizabeth Carlin has been carving pumpkins with her family for as long as she can remember. 

   “We usually carve pumpkins to keep the tradition, it’s something that I have been doing for my whole life,” Carlin said. 

   Halloween Horror Nights is a staple of Halloween, but it is not the only fun fall activities that are available in Florida. Disney’s Not-So-Scary Halloween, Gatorland, Petrified Forest, and pumpkin carving are all popular experiences that can add even more fun to your Halloween season. 

   “Doing these fall activities makes me love Halloween even more,” von Weller said. 

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