Joseph joys audience

Moreno and Walker bring life to age-old story


   Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat was the all-school musical that began on Thursday, Nov. 13 and ended on Sunday, Nov. 16, with four performances on the Trinity stage.  Joseph is a Biblical story and a comedic play originally written for school children.  Director Janine Papin decided to choose Joseph this year for the all-school musical because she wanted to feature all of the amazing male talent in the theater department.

The narrator, played by Maddie Walker, took the audience on a journey throughout Joseph’s life.  She talked about the lessons Joseph learns, the trouble he got in to and his life with all of his brothers.

The show began with Maddie Walker singing “Any Dream Will Do,” which was a song about Joseph’s dreams and what was going to happen later in the play.

The next song was “Jacob and Sons” where Joseph, played by Tony Moreno, was given a coat.  “Jacob and Sons” was all about meeting Joseph’s eleven brothers and most importantly, Joseph receiving the coat from their father.  Joseph’s brothers were jealous that their father favored him, so they decided to plan revenge against him.  They pushed Joseph into a pit and sold him into slavery in Egypt.

The brothers then sang a song called “One More Angel in Heaven” to their father about Joseph’s faked death.  Joseph’s brothers mocked their father because none of them were upset about the news.  Although all of the brothers and wives were very happy about the news, Joseph’s father was devastated.

Joseph began working for the potiphar, who is the captain of the palace guard, and “Potiphar” was sang.  For a comedic aspect of the play, the pharaoh was portrayed as Elvis.  Joseph eventually becomes the pharaoh of Egypt.  Back in his homeland, the rest of his brothers were suffering and travelled to Egypt to ask for help from the pharaoh.  The brothers didn’t realize that the pharaoh was their brother, and Joseph eventually revealed this identity to them.  They all reunited, Joseph returned to Canaan, and Joseph was finally given back the coat by his father.

Walker stated that her favorite part of the play

was all of the music.

“The music is Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, and I absolutely love all of their music.  The beat is very catchy and all of the people will leave with the melody in their heads,” she said.

She added that her favorite song was “Jacob and Sons.”

“You meet all of the brothers for the first time, and my part in the song has a huge range where I have to be able to hit both low and high notes,” she said.  “The song is very fun and upbeat because it is at the beginning of the show.”

Walker loved getting to know all of the new middle and high schoolers who just began in the theater department.  She said everyone worked very cohesively because it was a smaller group, and she was really pleased with how the play turned out.

Papin’s favorite part of the play was “Canaan Days” because all of the brothers did really well and had a lot of fun with the song.  She was happy with everyone’s progress  because all of the new and old kids came together and collaborated really well. She said after the show she was confident that everyone came out gaining some knowledge and improving on their previous talents.

The dancing was amazing, the singing was phenomenal and the whole cast should be very pleased with all of the hard work that paid off in the end.