The summer of blonde


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   This year, summer at Trinity Prep ended not with the traditional first day of school, but with the opening of the summer production of Legally Blonde on Aug. 10. Nearly 30 student actors made up the impressive cast and performed four shows the week before school started and another four shows two weeks into the new school year. The production was practiced and rehearsed in just two weeks for nine hours a day before its opening night.

  Seniors Ashleigh Avallone and Delaney McLinden shared the lead role of Elle Woods, accompanied by sophomore Josh Lefkowitz in the role of Emmett and many other talented actors ranging from sixth graders to seniors.

   Stage Manager Katie Rinaldi said that the demanding schedule was a challenge the actors were eager to tackle.

“[The production] mimicked what a professional theatre would be.” Rinaldi said.

  To add to the excitement of the production, auditions were open to actors from other schools in the area as well. Students from Bishop Moore Catholic High School and Boone High School took part in the musical. McLinden believes these students changed the experience of the show.

  “Incorporating actors from other schools made it a lot more interesting because none of us knew who to expect on the first day,” McLinden said. “Getting to know people from other schools was so much fun because they each bring something different to the stage.”

  Aside from the lively choreography and invigorating songs, actors felt a very intimate connection to the characters, who overcame many relatable obstacles and stereotypes.

  As opposed to the iconic movie of Legally Blonde, McLinden believed the musical was far more personal.

  “[The play was] more dynamic because we explore the characters’ pasts and see more of Elle’s highs and lows,” she said.

  The character of Elle always had something new to offer the audience because of the double cast, which Avallone imagines was extremely beneficial to both the character and the actors.

  “Delaney and I uncovered different parts of Elle,” Avallone said. “We took on the role in different ways, which I think manifested into two very unique versions of Elle. It was awesome as creators going through the process together.”

   Not only was Legally Blonde enjoyed by the audience and the actors, but Rinaldi also appreciated the experience.

  “My favorite part was watching the student performers learn things about their capabilities as actors and storytellers on the stage,” Rinaldi said.

  But perhaps most importantly of all, Legally Blonde sent an all too important message for those wishing to make their mark in today’s society. Avallone believes there is an imperative lesson found in the story.

 “Be confident in yourself. Take what you have and be happy with it. Be brave and be joyous,” Avallone said.



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