Get To Know Your Student Council Officers

Lily Israel, Managing Editor

President Eli Finkelstein

  Eli Finkelstein has only been at Trinity for three years, but he has already made an immense impact on the school. He has spent the last two years leading the Class of 2019 as the sophomore and junior class president. Finkelstein believes being on student council is just one of the ways as a student he can give back to the school that has given him so much. One of his goals is to highlight the high school experience as a whole. 

   “I think a lot of the time Trinity students forget about the high school experience,” Finkelstein said. “We are only here once and now it is our job to remind students that the high school experience is here for them.” 

   The president elect hopes to add to the high school experience by recognizing students who simply make people’s days better. Finkelstein wants to start a “Saint of the Week” program to put a spotlight on those students who may not always get recognition. 

   As junior class president, he took the lead in prom planning and fundraising. His experience coordinating the various moving parts of prom has prepared him to lead the entire student body next year. 

   Finkelstein spends an extensive amount of time outside of school competing on Trinity’s Speech and Debate team. He accredits many of his leadership skills to his time on the team. He competes in extemporaneous speaking and is one of the leaders of the team.


Vice President Maddy Canal

   One might consider junior Maddy Canal a new comer to the student council scene, but her drive to make a change in our school is one of a veteran. The incoming student body vice president gained experience through her work on prom committee. She always wanted to become more involved and her chance finally came when the special vice president election was opened to the entire student body. She was encouraged to run when she saw a lot of people signing up and thought to herself, “If they can do it, I can do it.” 

   Similar to Finkelstein, she wants to bring the focus back to the students and all of their hard work each and every day. 

   “I feel like a lot of the time, Trinity students don’t get appreciated for the amount of work they put into everything,” Canal said. “A lot of it is how much dedication people put into things and that is really underappreciated. There are so many activities people do and the amount of things they still contribute to this school.”

   Canal is looking forward to working with a the other student council members in a tight-knit group. Finkelstein and her began as chemistry lab partners in their sophomore year. Now, they are taking that bond to lead the entire student body. 


Treasurer Olivia Demetriades

   Olivia Demetriades is no stranger to student council. She has been her class treasurer for the past three years. It was a logical choice for her to run for student council and represent the entire student body next year.  A self-proclaimed math nerd, she enjoys counting the money and budgeting for events. 

   One of her biggest responsibilities this year was fundraising for prom. Her experience with this will be instrumental in helping the future prom chair plan it next year. She is excited for her actions to not only affect her class but the entire school. 

   “You have to be accountable for everyone,” Demetriades said. “You have to make an effort to reach out to people that aren’t just in your grade.”

   Demetriades hopes to encourage others students to be involved. By sending out online forms and surveys, decisions that would normal be decided by the student council will be open to everyone. 

   Outside of student council, Demetriades is constantly running around to different activities. She has been an integral part of the varsity track and cross country teams for the past several years. 


Secretary Jackie Wang 

   Just like most students, junior Jackie Wang loves school dances and events like Homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, and Head of School’s day. However, Wang doesn’t only like attending these events, she enjoys planning them, too. As Junior Class secretary, Wang increased her involvement in the school through planning all student council activities. Wang is proud of this year’s homecoming dance and the new and improved decorations that went into the dance that is often overlooked by the student body.

   Wang enjoys the sense of team and camaraderie that comes with being on student counci. She has become closer with the officers and the rest of her class because of her involvement. 

   Wang is extremely involved in other activities around the school. She is the secretary of Mu Alpha Theta and is involved in Peace Jam and Key Club. She also plays school and club soccer, which takes up the majority of her time. She is looking towards continuing her soccer career at the collegiate level.