The latest on Beabadoobee’s new EP

“Patched Up” is an amazing addition to the end of 2018.


© Dirty Hit The cover of Patched Up.


London based artist Beabadoobee (who goes by the name Bea) released her EP Patched Up on December 7. At only 18, Bea–one of 2018’s up-and-coming singers–mixes her soft, high pitched voice with simple notes to create clean and playful songs. She’s definitely an artist to look out for in 2019 and appeals to Indie music fans of all ages. The singer, who recently signed to Dirty Hit record agency, is proving herself as a talented artist with a bright future. This EP has 7 track, each worth a listen.

As the first track on Patched Up, “Everest” is a beautiful song with a very calming sound. Although it’s less than three minutes long, the track has a powerful message about self-worth and hope for the future. The pairing of Beabadoobee’s voice with a simple guitar sequence and piano playing in the background is both beautiful and peaceful to hear.

“Art Class”
“Art Class” is a love song about a crush, comparing the heart to an art class– vibrant and colorful. Like “Everest,” Bea’s voice sounds beautiful. Her music has an emphasis on the words being sung over the background music. With simple background music, usually a few different chords, Beabadoobee is able to create a sound that is almost hypnotic, as her voice sounds almost ethereal.

“The Way I Spoke”
The seventh and final track, “The Way I Spoke,” is a great ending for this EP. Tying to the theme of love and crushes, this track discusses past experiences with someone Bea loved. Every track on Patched Up showcases Beas voice beautifully, and “The Way I Spoke” is no exception. Although the lyrics are a bit sad, “The Way I Spoke” is one of the more upbeat tracks on the EP. Bea does an amazing job of portraying her emotion through her music and created a beautiful record that everyone can enjoy.