From one classroom to another

Mr. Wiese heads to medical school



   From teaching middle and upper school to coaching multiple sports, Honors Biology teacher and Trinity alumnus Jon Wiese accomplished a lot during his first year at Trinity.

   For now, Wiese does not plan on continuing his teaching career. Rather, he’ll be switching to a new school to keep learning.

   Wiese will be heading to Gainesville to attend the UF College of Medicine and further his scientific knowledge to become a doctor.

   During his first year of teaching, Wiese gained a new level of respect for all of the work that teachers put in. While teaching, Wiese observed how all of his students have individual learning styles and are all very different.

    “My favorite thing is when [I’m] teaching someone, and I can see the light bulb going off in their head,” Wiese said.

   Outside the classroom, Wiese spent a lot of time on the field and the court, coaching three different sports. He was an assistant coach of the middle school and varsity football teams, the head coach of the 6th grade basketball team, the head coach of the middle school lacrosse team and the assistant coach of the Varsity Lacrosse team. Wiese spent the majority of his afternoons training Trinity’s student athletes.

   “Having the opportunity to work with so many students through athletics has been awesome,” Weise said.  “It has been great to be able to work with students developing both in the classroom and on the field.”

   Before he leaves, Mr. Wiese has a piece of advice for his current students:

   “Work hard and make smart choices,” he said. “This was an amazing experience.”