Exchange Student Shares Experiences from Stockholm


Junior Hanna Skoglund with her family in the mountains while she worked as a sailing instructor over the summer.

Julian Sealy, News Writer

   After going through various applications with essays, English tests, and interviews, junior Hanna Skoglund has finally made it to Trinity Prep. Skoglund is from Stockholm, the capital of and one of the most inclusive and welcoming cities in Sweden. 

   “[Unlike America] it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have your driver’s license,” Skoglund said. “There’s a lot more bikes and buses and less cars because everything is so close.”

   Skoglund has quite the extended family and is one of five kids in her family. She has a twin sister, two younger brothers who are twins and an older sister, Clara, whose also in the ASSIST program in California.

   Skoglund said its been difficult to adjust to the Florida heat, as well as, the dress code and cuisine.

   “[In Sweden] we have the same schedule every day and the classes are very different,” Skoglund said. “We also don’t have much of a dress code really.”

   Skoglund talked about some of the biggest differences between Sweden and the U.S.

   “You serve a lot of pizza and fries everyday, we don’t really have that in Sweden” Skoglund said. “We have different stuff everyday, where here it’s all the same thing every week.”

   Back home in Sweden, Skoglund is a sailing instructor and also enjoys playing pickup basketball. 

   Skoglund said she’s enjoyed Trinity so far and is excited for what’s to come this year.

   “I’ve made some new friends and all the teachers are really nice,” Skoglund said. “I like pottery a lot too, it’s a very different subject, but a lot of fun.”