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Strickler Strives for Success

Photo provided by Stephen Strickler
New social science teacher Stephen Strickler hiked in the Rocky Mountains this past summer.

   This past summer, social science teacher Stephen Strickler hiked through the Rocky Mountains contemplating the future of his career. Choosing between teaching jobs at multiple schools and pursuing further education, Strickler made the decision to leave Orlando Christian Prep and join Trinity Prep. He is now teaching Honors World History and Honors American History. Outside of teaching, Strickler loves to be outdoors, watch the Tottenham Hotspurs, and win Guitar Hero competitions. 

   After working at the YMCA, Strickler left career uncertainty behind and entered the field of education to work at Orlando Christian Prep after reflecting on the impact of teachers on his life.

   “I had people when I was in high school who were really impactful for me and framed the way in which I viewed the world,” Strickler said. “I just always wanted to be that for people in high school, to be able to help them.”

   Strickler believes that high school is one of the most transformative periods in someone’s life and seeks to be a positive influence pushing students to success. Strickler is also seeking more personal success by pursuing graduate degrees to supplement his own education. 

   “There were some next steps in my career I wanted to take,” Strickler said. “I still wanted to go and get my master’s and PhD.”

   In order to pursue his goals, Strickler thought about leaving the teaching profession altogether. Trinity Prep stepped in providing him the opportunity to both teach and work toward more advanced degrees. 

   “Something that’s just been really sweet is that Trinity Prep is super supportive of me going back to school,” Strickler said. “I just feel really honored.”

   Strickler hopes to advance his understanding of both history and education as he applies to graduate programs this fall. Strickler discovered his love for history in high school, and went on to earn an undergraduate history degree at UCF and is passionate about teaching it today. 

   “I see history as this meandering river where there’s these twists and turns, but all of that flows into the present day,” Strickler said. “To understand how we got to where we are, we have to understand where we came from and that’s not as clear to see. It’s not a crystal clear river, it’s murky. 

   Strickler firmly believes in the importance of learning history as it provides context for current events. He hopes to provide a lively classroom where discussion flourishes and students learn that history is not just remnants of the past but the foundation of the future. As a teacher, Strickler strives to make the river of history more clear to students and play a part in emphasizing the impact of history.

   “I want to contribute to the conversations that we’re having in history and in the world right now,” Strickler said. “I think history is such an important thing to understand that I want to be able to have a voice in it.”

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