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Trinity Voice Power Rankings: Halloween Candy

Lia Garibay

#10 Hershey

The most basic chocolate candy out there, not a shocker that Hershey sits at the bottom of this list. It is just a plain old bar of chocolate with nothing special about it. Boring. 


#9 Starburst

As you sit down to eat your Halloween candy, you take a Starburst and after about five minutes of fiddling with the complex wrapper, you get to enjoy a little tiny piece of mediocre candy. It gets to the point where personally, I just eat the wrapper with the candy. 


#8 M&M

M&Ms are honestly the candy that everyone trades away to their friends because they are not particularly good and almost every house hands these out. Although each piece is a different color, they are all the same flavor and have nothing really going for them. 


#7 Candy Corn

This candy is a little too high on this list for being a candy where after a couple pieces of candy corn it becomes a chore to eat anymore. Too sweet with no flavor lands this candy at the seventh spot on this list. 


#6 Skittles

The candy where you can taste the rainbow, it is a little bit overrated but at least it comes with different flavors. Green being the best flavor, for some reason each pack only ever has about one or two green ones. 


#5 KitKat

Surprisingly low on this list, this crispy, chocolatey wafer is like the Hershey in the sense that you break it into pieces, but it is miles above the Hershey in flavor and value. 


#4 Nerds

These sugar coated balls of candy are always a hit when it comes to Halloween. It comes in a small package, but makes up for it in the quanity of little candies that are jam packed into the box. With all types of flavors, it respectfully comes in at fourth place. 


#3 Twix

Whether you are a left Twix or right Twix type of person, it is undeniable that this caramel chocolate coated wafer is a Halloween favorite. Personally, I am a left Twix enthusiast.


#2 Reeses

The combination of peanut butter and chocolate is one of the best inventions ever created. With a nice hard outer layer of chocolate filled with smooth, creamy peanut butter, how can you go wrong? 


#1 Sour Patch Kids

Sitting at the top of the list with no surprise is the “sweet than sour” candy, Sour Patch Kids. Coming in all different sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors, nothing beats this candy. What’s better than getting a king size pack of Sour Patch Kids on Halloween? Nothing. 


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Boaz Kim
Boaz Kim, Fact Checking Editor
Boaz Kim is a senior who holds the role of fact-checking editor. Kim writes for the lifestyles department and enjoys playing basketball outside of school. As a hobby, Kim is passionate about working out as he is also on the weightlifting team. Kim also enjoys walking his dog, Toby. Contact him at [email protected].
Lia Garibay
Lia Garibay, Graphic Designer
Lia Garibay is a senior starting her second year on staff. She is a part of the graphics department. Lia enjoys drawing, reading and fencing. Contact her at [email protected].

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