Trinity students host first annual Teacher Rodeo Prom *CHAOS*


Math teacher Gene Dennis and Science teacher Michael Arney pictured in the same Lulus dress at Kraft Azalea Garden.

Amy Qiao, News Editor

   Last Thursday, teachers and faculty cancelled study period to spend a memorable night at their first ever prom, themed Rowdy Rodeo, located in one of the most coveted venues in Orlando: Trinity Prep’s teachers’ lounge. Equipped with an electronic bull, haystack photobooth and bedazzling cowboy hat station, this event has become the talk of the season. 

   Food Director Christopher Behrens, owner of three Michelin-starred restaurants, catered the event. The food service had a complete BYOT (Bring Your Own Tortilla) breakfast burrito and quesadilla bar, panini press station and even a gum refill machine.

   After dinner was served, everyone made their way to the dance floor. Science teacher Bill Personette got his groove on as he unexpectedly pulled off some of the most difficult four-square steps in cowboy history. 

   “I haven’t had this much fun since the periodic table was put together, ” Personette said. “I made sure to wear my special squeaky shoes that night.”

   Upper School Principal Patrick Mulloy reportedly started crowd surfing, but he was quickly kicked out after Prom supervisor junior Julee Sharma called his mother to pick him up.

   “It was wrong and out of character,” Mulloy said. “But if you’ll excuse me, I have to find a video for assembly. Do you think the students still watch ‘Sesame Street’ nowadays?”

   After hours of rodeoing, the event was soon stopped when a noise complaint prompted Winter Park Police to arrive at the scene at 3 AM the following morning.

   “I specifically scheduled my naps during the day so I could pull an all nighter,” English teacher Dean Rhoads said. “The party was just getting started! I bet it was that musical theater teacher who filed the noise complaint… Jeans Paperpan!”

   The police report stated that a woman, around 6’ 3”, busted the door down and yelled “I’ll wait” at approximately 2:36 AM. When the crowd refused to turn down the music, they continued dancing and singing along to Ariana Grande’s song ‘breathin.’ Minutes later, the police station received a 911 response from a caller that filed a noise complaint. The Trinity Voice was able to get a record of the 911 call:

   “This is unacceptable,” Fine Arts Department Chair Janine Papin said. “I expect complete silence on campus by 2 AM. By the way, the middle schoolers are doing a showing of Matilda from April 2-5. The cast has worked super hard an––”

   The police ended the call abruptly. 

   When they arrived at the scene, cops had to break apart a crazy cat fight which involved science teacher Michael Arney and math teacher Gene Dennis. Later at the police station, deputies found out that the brawl was over a dress dispute. 

   “How in the world did Mikey get the same dress as me?!?!” Dennis said in his arrest statement. “I found the dress on the most random website named Lulus.” 

   By the end of the horrific fight, there was reported fake spray tan all over the walls, flying synthetic eyelashes and pulled out hair extensions on the ground. 

   “I lost my Icelandic horse hair extensions that night,” Arney said. “I had to sell my two hamsters for those!”

   The next morning, thousands of videos of the fight were posted on various Facebook pages and even the @trinityprepfl Instagram story. The videos were quickly taken down but Trinity Voice representatives were able to get a quick glimpse at the fight (see photo to right for reference).

   “It was the worst cat fight I’ve ever witnessed on this campus,” Prom supervisor senior Lexi Good said, who stood in the corner with the other student chaperones all night.