SATIRE: Wordler Strikes TPS

Victoria Berube, Staff Writer

   The first thing everyone sees before they pull into Trinity Prep is the sign welcoming them in the morning. But, on the morning of April 1, students and staff were met with a horrific sight. The answer to the Wordle of the day was plastered in huge spray-painted letters on the sign. Sophomore and self-proclaimed Wordle superfan Mariana Lairet was one of many victims of the suspect.

   “I do the Wordle every day in my car in the school parking lot before the bell, and it completely ruined the rest of my day.” Lairet said.

   As the incident continued throughout the week the atmosphere of the school shifted tremendously, Latin teacher Kyle McGimsey didn’t even dress code his advisory for an entire week!

   “Because of the Wordle being exposed every single day I am just too sad to dress code,” McGimsey said.

   The situation quickly accelerated to the Saint Section’s Instagram page becoming hacked and posting the Wordle answer over the weekends.

   Following the hacking, students took the issue to social media by starting Instagram pages with the handles, @findthetpswordler, and @tpswordlersux; The Wordler nickname was given to the suspect by the student body.

   As of right now, the Trinity community has no leads so far as to who the suspect may be, but students and staff are going the extra mile to find who the Wordler is. Sophomore Brooke Buholtz is one of the most passionate students in the area of looking for the suspect and jumped at the opportunity when asked to interview her (I am legally obligated to mention it took persuasion of buying her lunch).

   “Oh yeah, I’m definitely looking for…uh… wait who,” Buholtz. 

   Not only is the Trinity community affected by the Wordler but, also the homes on Aloma Ave have shared their frustrations over the Wordler’s serial crime.

   “Trinity Prep is already causing enough traffic on Aloma but the addition of my Wordle becoming spoiled is where I draw the line,” Anonymous homeowner on Aloma Ave.

   As we speak the Wordler is probably plotting their next attack. If you have information please feel free to blow up the inbox of The Trinity Voice who would be absolutely ecstatic to have any emails pertaining to this article.