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SATIRE: Buff Babyak Begins Bodybuilding

Anuha Tatineni
Babyak easily squats 405 pounds for 120 reps during a typical 5 am workout in preparation for Olympia

   After retiring last year, Coach Rick Babyak found himself with a lot of free time on his hands. Instead of taking it easy, he shifted his focus to a new sport that required much practice and conditioning: professional men’s bodybuilding. 

The average age for a competitive bodybuilder is 24.6 years old, but Babyak, slightly older than that, is defying odds and breaking barriers. 

   “Age isn’t really a factor when you’re a freak of nature like me,” Babyak said. “I feel like I was born to be a bodybuilder with my Greek god-like genetics and incredible work ethic.”

   Before turning to lifting, Babyak thought about going pro in badminton. His skills on the court were described by students as “breathtaking.” He was so good that a few of his classes even referred to the sport as Babsminton. Freshman Aiden Stillman said that he still has nightmares about Babyak’s powerful forehands and unpredictable drop shots in PE class.

   “Sometimes I stay up at nights and just think about how terrorizing it was to play him,” Stillman said. “His competitiveness was unmatched, and I truly think he could have gone pro if he committed to it.”

   Despite his skill with a racket in hand, Babyak decided not to pursue badminton because it would be “too easy” for him. Men’s bodybuilding would serve as a challenge that would be nearly impossible for anyone to achieve, let alone a man who starts lifting later in life.

   “I knew that the odds were stacked against me, but this was a challenge I was willing to take,” Babyak said.

   When Babyak first began working out, he struggled to even lift the bar, but as he kept on going, he became bigger and stronger. Just two months after starting, he was able to lift 550 pounds on the bench press. Babyak’s sudden growth raised questions about the use of performance enhancing drugs, but he dismissed those claims emphatically.

   “People who say that I use PED’s are the same ones who watch on from the couch in their grandma’s basement,” Babyak said. “I am 100% natural, everyone else is just jealous!”

   As Babyak’s muscles grew, he started to wonder if he should compete in local bodybuilding showcases. Babyak entered his first competition and unanimously won first place. That is when he set the goal to win Mr. Olympia, the most prestigious contest in international bodybuilding. 

   “When I stood on the stage with that medal during my first competition, I knew what I wanted, and that was to be named Mr. Olympia,” Babyak said. “It was going to be very difficult, but anything is possible.”

   Babyak trained harder than ever leading up to the event, and when the day finally came, he was the favorite to win. Babyak’s incredible physique stood out from the rest of the crowd, and he was crowned Mr. Olympia in front of thousands of fans.

   “It was a dream come true to be awarded with this honor,” Babyak said. “This journey was very difficult, but I hope to inspire others and pave the way for future generations.”

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David Steinberg
David Steinberg, Managing Editor
David Steinberg is a junior entering his third year on staff as a managing editor. While he’s not writing, he is an all-star athlete on the level of LeBron James: he enjoys golfing, ice hockey and running pickup basketball with his friends. After his games, he likes to wind down with a good medium steak and the 15th rewatch of his favorite TV show “Suits" for his favorite actress, her majesty, Meghan Markle. Contact David at [email protected]
Anuha Tatineni
Anuha Tatineni, Co- Photo Editor
Anuha Tatineni is a senior entering her second year on staff. She is currently co editor of the photo department and is an AP Photography student. During her free time, she enjoys going to basketball and soccer games, while running track and eating unlimited Chick-Fil-A. Contact her at [email protected]

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