Campaigning for Care Workers

Trinity PeaceJam club hosts a notes of encouragement campaign for first responders and mental health care workers


Mateo Membreno

Alongside PeaceJam’s new initiative to raise awareness for mental health, they are also assisting in the collection of toys during this holiday season. The toy collection has been a part of Trinity for numerous years, providing students a way to give back to their community.

Cate Williams, Staff Writer

   Every year, the Trinity PeaceJam team chooses a new topic to raise awareness for, through various fundraisers and events. This year, club president Brooke Beers and her team chose the topic of isolation and mental health. In the midst of COVID-19, PeaceJam recognizes the current issue of mental health in regard to isolation and change of school-life. 

   “Battling feelings of isolation have affected many people in regards to mental health, and in general mental health continues to be a huge issue especially for our generation and the elderly, the two groups most impacted by the pandemic,” PeaceJam Director Denise Musselwhite said. 

   Although PeaceJam week isn’t until late spring, the team is holding an event to spread positivity this week in the library. To uplift the community and first responders around us, PeaceJam is having a campaign called Notes of Encouragement to kick off its project for the year. Black Cards and drop off boxes are located in the library for anyone who wants to write a note of encouragement to a first responder. 

   “There are a lot of people going through tough times right now, first responders and health care works especially,” Musselwhite said. “If the students would like to give a first responder a smile for a moment then they should write a letter.” 

   Students have until the end of Friday, December 11 to drop off their notes in the library. They will then be sent out to area mental health providers who will then distribute them to health care workers. 

   “The letters should cheer first responders up in the holiday season as these workers aren’t able to get the same relaxation as others might during this time,” Beers said. 

   If students or teachers would like to contribute to the campaign, the PeaceJam team highly encourages each individual to drop off a letter.