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  On November 10, thousands of alternative music fans swarmed the Cruzan Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach to take part in the inaugural Coastline Festival. Dubbed a “musiculinary” experience, the festival combined food and art with a killer musical lineup to boot. The Bite went down to South Florida for a sun-filled day of music, over-priced water and fried ravioli.


  “I live every day like my last!” screamed Kim during a break from slamming on her sparkly drum set. Matt looked over with pride at his partner-in-crime as she jumped around, screamed and sang.

 A passion for music, each other and life radiated from indie-pop duo Matt and Kim, and those three elements are clearly present in their bouncy jingles that have turned the indie pop world on its head.

 The crowd was dancing to the beat and let loose. The music flowed through their body all the way down to their feet and kept them moving through the hour-long set. Not many artists are capable of putting on a show that is as different and captivating as a Matt and Kim concert.

  So yes, the concert was amazing, revolutionary really. Though this was their last show on their successful tour, by no means will this be the end of Matt and Kim.


  Techno-inspired beats, technicolor lights and a swarming electric feel filled the Cruzan Amphitheater when Passion Pit took the stage. Through his uniquely high-pitched voice, Michael Angelakos moved the audience through the much anticipated act that is a Passion Pit concert.

   During the festival, people were scattered throughout the amphitheater and lingered around various shops and food trucks while other bands played. Once Passion Pit took the stage, the little array of shops were abandoned, the food trucks were empty and everyone was smushed in the grandstand swaying to the music as one giant sea of people.

   Their crazy beats and fun lyrics did nothing but entertain the crowd that had waited for the group all day long. Evolving from an unknown artist to becoming an essential on everyone’s driving playlist, Passion Pit has become a well-known favorite among the young adult community.

  Passion Pit provided an unforgettable show that “Carried Away” the audience into a different dimension that was completely their own.


   Two Door Cinema Club has a unique zeal to their music. You must indulge yourself in the music to completely interpret it, and when you attend one of their gigs you won’t be able to resist doing so.

  Their beats are different, but coherently collide to create something that is smooth, fun and soothing. With that, the concert created a “chilled-out” atmosphere that left people head-bobbing and foot-tapping throughout the set.

   The band started out simply with not many lights illuminating the amphitheater, making it truly all about the music.  The members of Two Door Cinema Club provided a nice break from the other insanely tech-heavy shows that were put on at the festival.


  “When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place,” croons lead singer Jesse Rutherford in The Neighbourhood’s hit single, “Afraid.”

  Afraid is one thing that the band shouldn’t be feeling. The Neighbourhood has quickly risen to the top of the alternative music scene, with “Sweater Weather” peaking at #1 on the U.S. Alternative Charts.

  The Neighbourhood’s revolutionary sound combines rock instruments with R&B and hip-hop aesthetics in a unique way that intermingles wonderfully. Perhaps the most refreshing part of the band is that it strives to maintain an air of mystery, enforcing the idea that the music comes before the band.

  The Neighbourhood provided one of the festival’s most dynamic performances. Throngs of fans flocked to the general admission B stage, drawing the largest audience for the secondary stage by far.

  The band expertly incorporated the audience enough to prove their humanity, but not too much as to destroy that air of perplexity they worked so hard to create. If possible, they sounded even better live than recorded. They demonstrated mastery of their instruments, which provided the perfect background to Rutherford’s seductive vocals.

  All in all, The Neighbourhood put on the most underrated, stellar performance of the night. If you haven’t heard of them already, prepare yourself: The Neighbourhood is on track to completely take over the music world.


  The Capital Cities have garnered loads of airplay for their hit single “Safe and Sound.” Beyond that danceable tune, most people don’t really have any idea what the band is about. The L.A.-based indie electro unit seems to be infatuated with the 80’s and incorporated that obsession into their performance with covers such as “Stayin’ Alive.”

  Singers Ryan Merchant and Sebu Simonian kept an upbeat, rave-like aura while trumpeter Spencer Ludwig’s energetic solos brought the musical talent to the show.

  In a nutshell, The Capital Cities provided a party atmosphere that was sure to raise the spirits of everyone in the crowd. As far as their depth goes, there may not be enough to garner real staying power. But hey, they came, they played, they danced, and it was fun while it lasted.


  Welsh rock company The Joy Formidable exceeded everyone’s expectations with its electrifying set on the Atlantic Stage. Lead vocalist and guitarist Ritzy Bryan provided an unexpected burst of energy when she walked onstage prim and proper in her red dress only to whirl around the stage while simultaneously executing complicated guitar riffs.

  The trio not only displayed their crowd-pleasing abilities, but also backed it up with real musical talent. The set was crazy and loud, especially surprising for a band of only three people. Their lack of manpower had no effect on the success of the show; if anything, it only made it more impressive.

  Their stellar setlist included hit single “Whirring,” which kept the crowd excited and engaged. The bottom line is this: if you have the opportunity to go witness The Joy Formidable in person, take it and prepare to have your mind blown.

  Make sure to check out our interview with drummer Matthew Thomas online featured on The Bite. 

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