Bite into the “Santa Clarita Diet”


Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo of the "Santa Clarita Diet" logo

Julia Gibbons, STAFF WRITER

With the new year, come new and noteworthy TV shows. Netflix has been on a roll releasing binge-worthy TV shows that appeal to a variety of views including “Stranger Things,” “Narcos” and “The Crown.”  Recently, Netflix has just released a new series called “Santa Clarita Diet.” It’s about a family in California living an ordinary, suburban life until the mom, Sheila, mysteriously turns into a zombie.

   Drew Barrymore as Sheila and Timothy Olyphant as Joe are married realtors who live a normal suburban life with their daughter. This ends when Sheila miraculously wakes up from the dead exhibiting paranormal symptoms.  She has more energy and is, for some reason, craving blood.

   Sheila isn’t like most zombies; her skin is still perfectly normal, and she doesn’t walk in slow motion. Sheila and Joe try to ignore the fact that she is a zombie, but her symptoms keep worsening. Finally one day Sheila caves and eats her first human.The couple have a hard time with the idea of killing people for her to eat, especially with two neighbors as cops. So they decide to do a favor for society and only kill the most terrible people in California. With the help from their daughter and their neighbor’s son, they are able to hide Sheila’s true identity. But, of course, they run into some bumps on the way, which include a crazy gang member, a terrible school principal and their two neighbor cops.

   This series might sound very dark and creepy, but it is far from that. Rather, it’s actually really funny, I would recommend if you are not a fan of blood to either not eat while watching or to close your eyes during the show. Drew Barrymore does a solid job, and many say that this is her comeback after a couple of years not in film. Timothy Olyphant plays the supportive husband trying not to freak out with the fact that his wife eats humans.  With only 10 episodes to watch, “Santa Clarita” should be everybody’s next T.V. show on their list.