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Fifteen minutes of Common Kings


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  Common Kings is a reggae, rock and island band who just released their latest album, “Lost in Paradise” in 2017. Comprised of JR King, Taumata Grey, Ivan Kirimaua and Jerome Taito, the band has had much success lately and has even toured with Justin Timberlake and Fifth Harmony. The Bite had the chance to chat with the band and discuss everything ranging from the origin of the band name to favorite memories from touring.

When did you decide to pursue your music career?

Honestly the second we were born we knew this was the career for us.

Did family and friends encourage this decision or did you ever have anyone tell you  that you were crazy for trying to make it in such a cut-throat business?

We had bothmostly the people saying we were crazybut we had enough people saying that we should do it. Plus, we loved it.

How did you and the rest of the band come up with the name “Common Kings?”

“Common Kings” is kind of a tribute to our ancestry. As Polynesians we have a lot of high kings and queens in islands, especially in Hawaii and Fiji. We are all common people so we thought it would be a great tribute to them.

What is your favorite memory from touring?

The JT [Justin Timberlake] tour that we had was probably the one tour that opened us up and opened up our eyes to the possibilities. Timberlake is probably one of the most humble people that we’ve met. We learned a lot from him and he was so nice to us.

What is your favorite song from your most recent album?

“Lost in Paradise” is definitely a favorite of mine. It’s obviously the lead single of our album and it’s a good tune for everyone. We went through a very picky process, so whatever ended up on the album is pretty much all of our favorites.

If you could perform with any one person or band, who would it be and why?

We’ve performed with a few already, but I’d love to perform with Bruno Mars. He’s really killing it right now and I think he’s an amazing artist.

What are some of your goals for the future?

I’d like for us to win a Grammy in the next year. Also, to keep making good music and rocking out.

Do you have any funny jokes or stories from touring with each other?

We have plenty, but it’s kind of hard to recall of them. We play a lot of pranks on our tour manager and she is definitely afraid of everything that crawls.

Lastly, describe your sound in three words.

Feel good music.

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Fifteen minutes of Common Kings