Sia’s “Everyday Is Christmas” album review


Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Harper Wilcox, STAFF WRITER

    We all have a friend or family member who starts to celebrate the Christmas season on November first, desperate for evergreen trees and hot chocolate before the temperature in Orlando even drops below 85 degrees. Some start to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, and with Sia’s new album Everyday Is Christmas, jingle bells could be heard more than a month prior to the gift-giving festivities. I had high hopes for this album, hoping to hear some festive tracks that I could listen to throughout the Winter, but it definitely fell short. With only a few memorable songs, Everyday Is Christmas felt overproduced and childish, with unrelatable lyrics and cheesy background music.



“Snowman” is one of the least festive songs in this album. It’s slower than any of the other tracks and includes seemingly sad and depressing lyrics. The entire song is Sia describing an emotional snowman, a metaphor for someone she loves. It sounds like she’s trying too hard to make the topic work, but the actual lyrics seem like she’s just singing about an actual snowman.


“Santa’s Coming for Us”

With catchy instrumentals and happy lyrics, “Santas’s Coming for US” is one of the most popular tracks on the album, and definitely got me in the holiday mood. This song is really easy to sing along to, unlike some of the other songs in Everyday is Christmas.  In comparison to other holiday classics, the overall tune and lyrics are very similar. “Santa’s Coming for Us” is a song that will probably be on repeat all season long.


“Ho Ho Ho”

The beginning of this track reminds me of a mainstream pop song that I’d hear on the radio, and it doesn’t improve much as the song continues. Sia’s voice doesn’t sound as strong or as bold as usual, and although the chorus is much better than the beginning, overall I dislike this song. The best part is probably the instrumental bridge, when Sia isn’t even singing.


“Puppies are Forever”

Just the title, “Puppies are Forever,” made me a little skeptical about this song. I usually don’t judge a book (or song) by its cover, but my intuition was right on this one.. This track sounds childish and jumpy, and I genuinely don’t know why it’s included on the album. The beat wasn’t bad, and I personally think that with different lyrics/a different topic it could’ve been a genuinely good song. However, I can’t get past the elementary school-like feel and silly sounding chorus.


“Underneath the Mistletoe”

“Underneath the Mistletoe” is my favorite track on this album. Including a big range of notes, this song really showcases Sia’s vocal ability. The background music isn’t too loud, so I can hear all of the lyrics clearly. Usually, when I think of Christmas music, I think of Jingle bells and an upbeat rhythm. “Underneath the Mistletoe” doesn’t have either of those things, but in my opinion, it’s one of the best Christmas songs produced recently. When I hear it, I feel like breaking out into song and repeating  all of the lyrics, and if you had to listen to just one song from the album I’d recommend this one.