Take Part in Art

Trinity Prep hosts their first every Arts in April event


Ella Craghill

Juniors Anna Miliotes and senior Anuha Tatineni, look at Tatineni’s artwork displayed in the Rich Library. The seniors in AP photo have been preparing their photos all year to be presented to family and friends.

Gavin O'Brien, Intro Writer

    On Friday, April 1st, Trinity Prep held its first-ever Arts in April event. Students were able to showcase all types of art through pottery, painting, photography, sculptures, and singing. The art was displayed in Brokaw, the Rich Library, the Kranze room, and the auditorium. Performing arts teacher Janine Papin along with all the other fine arts teachers put together a festival to showcase their student’s art pieces, acts, songs, and poems.

   From 4 to 6 pm people were allowed to explore and look at all the different art that was displayed. From sculptures to paintings there were countless art pieces to look at. The reception started at 6 and it was about an hour long. Students presented their projects, songs, acts, and some read their poems from the advanced creative writing class.

   “I think it’s great for people to see what we really do because a lot of what we do is in our classroom,”  Fine Arts teacher Kym Moreland-Garnett said, “and it’s nice for everybody to get a bird’s-eye view of what happens here.”

   In the library from 6 pm to 7 pm, students were able to perform songs and acts. Senior Lucie Duggan rehearsed the beginning of her pilot she wrote from her advanced creative writing class. A few students presented their project they are working on, Write Around Trinity, which is essentially a writing competition hosted by Trinity. There was a chorus event and a string demonstration presented by the students.

   “I think it’s great for teachers to say what their students have done, to see their students in a different way,” Moreland-Garnett said.

   AP Photography was displayed in the library. These photos were mostly taken by seniors and they each have a story behind them. Senior Matthew Ahl displays the difference between people’s personal lives and shows how they are all equal through the game of soccer. In Brokaw, the middle schoolers got to show off their work with paintings of food, flowers, and more.

   “I loved to see my friends’ artsy side of them, I loved all the pottery and the singing,” 8th grader Alejandro Castillo said.

   8th grader Finn Davidescu was happy to see his portrait in Brokaw. In his art class he was able to create a colorful abstract portrait of himself. Middle schoolers presented their art assignments they worked on throughout their year of taking arts with Moreland-Garnett. 8th grader Justin Thompson had multiple art pieces displayed in Brokaw with one of them being a portrait of himself.

   “I’m proud to show off my hard work, my friends really liked it and it made me feel happy,” Finn said.

   Trinity Prep hopes to keep Art’s in April up and running annually to show off the arts program. 

   “Art is beautiful,” Moreland-Garnett said.