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Kang of the Course

7th Grader Dominates The Golf Course at Young Age
7th grader Luke Kang played at Twin Rivers golf course as the number one seed against The Master’s Academy on the 7th of October. Luke is one of the youngest players and top performers on the team.

   As seventh grader Luke Kang lines up the putt for the win, he is calm and collected. Most athletes would be shaking and overwhelmed by the pressure, but Kang is confident that he can make the putt, having practiced it hundreds of times. 

   There’s a reason why Kang competes at such a high level as a seventh grader. Ever since he could walk, Kang loved to play golf and that love never faded. He’s put in the work and is now one of the top 11 players in the state for his age. Sophomore Mohil Kapadia played with Kang this year and got to see him consistently impress coaches and players.

   “He knows his capacity and he always wants to push it to the max,” Kapadia said.

    Kang’s first year on JV has allowed him to find much success as the number one seed for over half of the season. The team finished the season with an undefeated record of 11-0 and their success was largely accredited to Kang’s positive influence on his teammates. Golf coach Brandon Burmeister said that Kang has a great effect on his teammates’ morale and performance on the course.

   “He’s competitive about it, but he loves the game of golf,” Buremeister said.“He’s competitive with everybody else and that kind of lifts everybody else up as well.” 

   Mentality is one of the most important aspects of a player’s success in any sport. Kang practices at least four times a week and Burmeister said Kang loves to hype up his friends. The energy Kang brings to the course and his encouragement helps his teammates play better. His determination off the course and joy of playing helps him stay calm and consistent throughout matches.

   “​​But you can know that no matter the circumstances he’s always on a roll and he’s always shooting around the same score,” Kapadia said.

   Kang often plays with golfers who are much older and larger than he is, but he doesn’t let their advantage deter him from performing his best.

   “In these tournaments, I play with seniors like I did a week ago,” Kang said. “So it’s a little stressful, but with the confidence I have I know I can do this.”

   Kang also plays in tournaments throughout the year with other highly skilled players his age. For the US Kids Golf Orlando Tour, Kang was ranked second in the winter season and third in the summer. The Trinity team has a lot of young talent including Kang, 6th grader Ty Bogey, and 8th grader Zevy Naft. Players like Kang and Bogey who started playing at a young age have developed their game much earlier than most players.

   “This has been a competitive passion since the time they were little,” Burmeister said. “So just having those extra years to hone their craft, their swings are at a different level than a lot of kids that are twice their age.”

   The future of Trinity Prep golf looks great according to Burmeister. The team has a lot of young talent that will only get better as they develop. After watching older students play, Kang is confident that he can be better than many of his opponents but also said he has a lot of room to grow. Most importantly, Kang has enjoyed his time on the team and is thankful for the support from players and coaches.

   “I think getting to be able to play golf is a great honor,” Kang said. “Especially getting to play with all the great guys on the team and on other teams.”


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David Hull is a junior entering his third year on staff as editor of the sports department. In his free time, he constantly gets buckets on his friends (some compare him to Austin Reaves), watches "Friends" on repeat and scrolls through Instagram Reels because he is too stubborn to download TikTok. Contact him at [email protected].

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