Gryder Brings New Recommendations to the Library


   Library Clerk Rachael Gryder is a writer by nature. She enjoys writing anything from poetry to fiction, even experimenting in sketch comedy, and in her new position she wishes to share these passions with anyone who enters the library. 

   Gryder graduated from UNC Chapel Hill this past spring, majoring in English and communications. She worked in the college’s undergraduate library as a student assistant and said that while the role was not as large as her current one at Trinity, she still enjoys the similar job aspects. 

   “I like being able to interact with the collection and recommend books to students, [and] I really like making the displays,” Gryder said. 

   In these book displays, Gryder arranges and presents her recommendations to students who enter the library. One of those books that she specifically points out is the sci-fi novel “The Martian” that inspired the popular movie in 2015. 

   Besides recommending books, Gryder also has movie suggestions that include some of her favorites, ranging from horror movies “Invisible Man” and “Midsommar” all the way to action series “John Wick.”

   Gryder’s favorite part about Trinity’s campus so far has been talking to the welcoming people on campus like Chris at the Grille. She said that since she usually eats much later than everyone else, she is left to invent her own meals with the help of Chris. One of her favorite creations was a dish of spaghetti with chicken tenders on top.  

   In her free time, Gryder enjoys spending time with her family and working on embroidering projects, where she is currently cross-stitching the pattern of a cat. 

   While in college, Gryder focused specifically on creative writing and poetry, even publishing her own poetry collection entitled “Coping, Cultivated.” She has a deep passion for poetry and hopes to pursue it in the future. 

   “I’m trying to get some of the poems together so I can submit them to literary magazines,” Gryder said. “I would love to do as much [poetry] as I can. My dream would be to have my own chat books out someday.”