New Opening Leads to New Beginning

Mrs. Denise Musselwhite leaves Trinity after 22 years to become the board chair for ATLAS


Mrs. Musselwhite is the Chief Information Officer for Trinity. She will be leaving the school after 22 years of working here.

Julian Sealy, Staff Writer

   Chief Information Officer Denise Musselwhite will be leaving Trinity at the end of the school year after 22 years in the technology department. Musselwhite started at Trinity in June 2000 and has dedicated much of her time to the growth of the tech department.

   “In the two decades I’ve been with TPS, the department has grown with the school, and I also have been a guest teacher in the areas of cybersecurity, technology use, and digital citizenship,” Musselwhite said.

   Musselwhite said some of what she’s learned from different colleagues and students over the years.

   “I’ve learned that Trinity Prep’s students and colleagues are a caring place that cares deeply for more than just Trinity Prep, but for the community at large,” Musselwhite said. “I’ve learned how to be present within the local community so that we can give back in meaningful ways.”

   She said that a lot of this has come from her role as the co-facilitator of the PeaceJam club for over 13 years and discussed her passion in working with upper school students through the club. 

   “During that time, I’ve seen students rise up to [the] really big challenges that plague the world, and they’ve made a positive impact on them,” Musselwhite said. “It’s been really impactful, and I have really loved working with those upper school students and we get really close because we do a lot of good work together.”

   Musselwhite said some of her favorite memories from her time at Trinity are events like Grandparents Day and Saint Stops that bring the whole school together.

   “When the community comes out on the quad or on the campus together for non-academic interaction where we’re just getting to know each other and we can watch the students and faculty interact naturally, and socialize outside of the classroom, those are my favorite memories,” Musselwhite said.

   Musselwhite talked about her plans for the future in being the board chair for the Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS) for the next two years and getting to spend more time with her family and two dogs Milo and Murphy.

   Musselwhite said what she’ll miss most about Trinity and with the tech team.

   “Trinity has been more than a job for me. It’s been a career where I feel very connected to the community and to the Trinity family,” Musselwhite said. “So I’m gonna miss the feeling of camaraderie beyond my work and working with PeaceJam students in high school and the tech team.”