The Multitalented Mathematician

Karthik Stead, Staff Writer

   From teaching English in Argentina to becoming a full time math teacher, Emily Greenlee has never been one to turn down an opportunity. According to Greenlee, she taught English in Argentina for a total of six months before deciding to seek opportunity elsewhere.

   After returning to the U.S., she began teaching at Lake Mary Prep, and came to Trinity last year as a learning support staff member. Although she started her career by teaching English, math has always been a passion for Greenlee. 

   “I’ve always loved math, and I had amazing teachers growing up, so I decided to major in that in college,” Greenlee said. She went on to attend Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia and graduated with a bachelor’s in Mathematics.

   Although she only started at Trinity last year, Greenlee’s connection to the school has been long-established with her children, 7th grader Henry and 6th grader Clara currently attending school here and her husband being an alumni. Greenlee is a member of both the booster club and the patrons of the arts program.

   “I wanted to support the school. My husband went here. So yeah, I just want to support both of those. Both academics and athletics.”

   Greenlee’s interests don’t stop there, as she enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and doing origami. She first learned the skill when her previous school asked her to fold cranes for Lunar New Year. 

   “I kind of got obsessed with making cranes,” Greenlee said. “When I don’t want to waste paper, I make really tiny cranes.” 

   When it comes to her teaching philosophy, Greenlee enjoys fitting together the puzzle pieces of math and watching those connections form.

“I enjoy working with people and waiting for that light bulb to go off, hoping to find that one thing that’s gonna unlock it,” Greenlee said.