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School’s out: Students seeks summer plans


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Hayden Lehr

   Freshman Hayden Lehr will stay in the heart of New York City, studying fashion at New York University for a summer program. She will be taking classes, learning about design and getting a small taste of the college experience.

   “The course I’m taking is Fashion Design at New York University’s High School Academy,” Lehr said. “I’m taking a class for about a week. It’s a fashion design class so by the end of it, I will be able to start a portfolio of fashion design sketches. I also will be staying in one of the nice dorms on campus.”

   Fashion has always been a familiar topic and interest for Lehr.

   “There wasn’t a time where I wasn’t interested in fashion,” Lehr said. “I love the creativity of it.”

    Lehr became interested in the program when her grandmother who, has freinds in the fashion industry suggested it. 

   Being in a summer program that is in a great location like NYC brings enthusiasm. 

   “I’m excited about every single aspect of the program, like being in New York City, meeting new people who have the same interest as me and creating new designs,” Lehr said.

Tiffinie Hicks

 The Bowdens will be taking a group of adventurous photographers to Australia this summer for 16 days. Among them is sophomore Tiffinie Hicks, who is excited to visit “the Land Down Under.”

   “On the trip, we will go sightseeing in Sydney, visit the beautiful beaches and take pictures of the architecture,” Hicks said. “A couple of days later, we will fly out to the Outback where we will camp, do day hikes, take beautiful landscape pictures and even feed a baby kangaroo!”

   Hicks has travelled to multiple countries, like Italy, Greece, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, but she wanted to go somewhere with a different setting. 

   “I decided to go on this trip because it’s not like any trip I’ve ever been on before,” Hicks said. “Along with visiting the city, we will be hiking in the Outback with locals who know the area and will give us a unique trip.”

    Everyone on the trip will improve their photography skills when they have the opportunity to take pictures of the stunning views of Australia. 

    “I believe my skills will grow a lot because we will be accompanied by a guide who is a professional photographer,” Hicks said. “He will help us with techniques and tips along the trip.”

   She is looking forward to her adventure this summer. 

   “I’m most looking forward to becoming a better photographer and traveling with my friends,” said Hicks. “I am most excited to visit a local zoo where we will feed a baby kangaroo and possibly hold a koala bear.”

Adede Appah-Sampong

   This summer you might expect to see rising senior Adede Appah-Sampong both working at Camp Ton-A-Wanda in North Carolina and traveling in Ecuador with her peers from around the country. Appah-Sampong has been a camper at Ton-a-wanda for the past ten years, but this year she will switch roles and become a counselor. 

   “I will be a junior counselor for one session, which is three weeks,” Appah-Sampong said. “I will [be] paired with girls in either middle or elementary school. When I am there, I’ll be helping teach choir, the play that we put on and drama classes. I am looking forward to being able to teach the classes. I was always the student and the one learning, and now I can be the one that’s actually teaching the classes.” 

   Appah-Sampong is excited to return to camp to see her camp friends. 

   “Since I’ve been going to camp for so long, … I have made five amazing best friends, and being with them again this  summer will be so much fun,” Appah-Sampong said. “I’ve been going to that camp for a long time, so giving back to a camp and getting to be like all the counselors I’ve had would be a rewarding experience.”

   Appah–Sampong also won the Brady GREEN Scholarship Award, which will allow her to travel to Ecuador this summer with other Spanish students from across the United States. 

   “When I am in Ecuador, I will [be] speaking a lot of Spanish, we will be touring the capital Quito, and we will go into some indigenous communities,” Appah-Sampong said. “We will also be deciding what we will do for our community service project while we are there.”

   Most importantly, she will be able to improve her Spanish speaking skills.

   “I think that when you are learning a language, it is important to submerge yourself in it,” Appah-Sampong said. “Going to a country that speaks Spanish will force me to use and learn it more. Also, going to Ecuador and immersing myself in the culture will help [me] to be globally aware and being conscious of things outside my community.”


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School’s out: Students seeks summer plans