German Student Brings Multi-sport Talent


Moritz Ernst recently moved to Florida and is enjoying his few weeks at Trinity. He plays three sports: football, tennis, and soccer.

Julian Sealy, Fact Checking Editor/Staff Writer

After a long flight on Sunday night and a serious case of jetlag Monday morning, sophomore Moritz Ernst has made it to Trinity from Germany. Ernst is from Dusseldorf, home to some of the best fashion and trade fairs in Europe.

Ernst said what he enjoys most about living in Dusseldorf.

“I would say how close [together] everything,” Ernst said. “If I’m hanging out with friends, it’s easy to go to each other’s houses or go into the city to the restaurants because it’s all very close.”

Ernst said how his first days at Trinity have been so far.

“The first days were rough, but it’s fine now, I really like it here and the people are really nice,” Ernst said.

Different from America, there’s no high school sports in Germany, everything is through clubs and signing up to play.

Ernst talked about what he’s most looking forward to about playing sports in high school.

“I’m playing football right now and I’m enjoying that,” Ernst said. “I would say I’m excited to meet new people and I’m looking forward to playing soccer and tennis.”

Back home in Germany, Ernst has two brothers, who all love sports.

“Me and my younger brother play soccer and tennis,” Ernst said. “My older brother though is a competitive skier, I would say he’s pretty good,”

The US and Germany have many differences and Ernst said which ones have been the most significant.

“In Florida, it’s really hot and the buildings and the landscapes are just in general, very different from Germany,” Ernst said. “I think also I do like German food more than American, although I think it’s weird that you fry everything.”